Watch me transform this guitar!

Shanda Louis

I am the "Artistic Alchemist" behind Alchemy Artisan Works. I chose this name because it is so representational of my journey, both as an artist, and as a person. I have often been referred to as a chameleon, when looking over my body of work. In my life as a hairstylist, I've been my own canvas, as well, regularly transforming my appearance over the years. I simply cannot be pinned down to one style, mode of expression, or process.

My passion is for the experience of creating. As much pleasure as I get from the end result of that process, it's the act itself that drives me. Being in that creative zone, where time does not exist and you are totally immersed in the present moment... That is pure bliss!

As for my furnishings and epoxy resin art, I love to take an object, whether it be new or found, even discarded, and transform it into something beautiful, even functional.

As a painter and illustrator, I have loved sketching and drawing since I was a child, but fell away from it as I got into my career as a hair stylist. I resumed my passion for painting about 10 years ago, at the suggestion of a friend, starting with alcohol inks and watercolor, and most recently I have fallen in love with creating digitally on an iPad, often merging digital creations with IRL (in real life) mediums, like gold foil, and collaged materials.

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